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DoctorSoft Banishes Overtime Work

With Complete Automatic Addition, the Process of Pharmaceutical Counter Becomes Smooth

All of the additions of private formulation, weighing mixture, narcotics or psychotropic drugs or stimulant raw materials or toxicant powerful drug, and so on are done automatically. The screen displays decision requests for private formulation addition and guidance management charge, etc. to prevent missing requests. It prints the receipt and the envelope label as well.

The Compact Medicine History Book with No Trouble

While the medicine history can be retained for twenty years usually, you can refer to the medicine history at any time. Because we can choose to print the medicine history book between everyday printing and summary printing, we can spend the time saved effectively. In addition, because the software can memorize the place where it printed last time and continue printing at the place, without producing redundant margin, it does not print identical prescription contents again. Therefore, few pages can minimize the storage space.

Time is Not Wasted during Prescription Printing

Because during prescription printing, the processing of prescription and medicine history inquiry can be done simultaneously, from the daytime when patients come, prescription printing can be started and therefore overtime work decreases. In addition, while printing the prescription of the next insurance, the data of the patient which was printed before can be revised, and the revised data can be re-issued immediately, you can work efficiently without being stagnant. Of course, you can also use the word processor and the like during prescription printing (Depending on the software, there are also some software which cannot be used simultaneously).

(This has to be revised.) It also Automates the Management of Request of Small Sum Allotment Sale to Dispensaries

Bill issue and accounts management of small sum sale to the other dispensaries are possible. In addition, because the allotted quantity is decreased automatically from inventory, inventory can be maintained correctly.

Handling Spontaneous Business without Loss of Time

For example, when the patient comes in the middle of the monthly totaling, prescription input can be done at once while the totaling program is still running. Because after the correspondence to the patient ends, totaling business can continue from the middle, time is not wasted.

Labour Saving of Inventory Management and Placing Order

Because the medicine can be converted automatically to the conversion of the packaging unit on the basis of the prescription data and the consumption of the medicine can be calculated, complete inventory management can be carried out by entering the data only when warehousing. Because ordering appropriately is possible without frequent check of inventory quantity, job is considerably lightened. Since the price of each purchase is stored, inventory amount calculation of account balancing can be made instantly.

The Objective of the Design Concept is not Prescription but Patient Care and Medical Support

A Single Patient Registers Only Once

Even for the patients who have multiple insurance or patients who receive treatment from multiple hospitals, departments and doctors, all the data of the multiple insurance, hospitals and doctors of one patient are registered as one unit. This is similar for public funds and labour accidents. Not only repetitive dosage can certainly be checked, the trouble of input can be reduced.

Polite Medication Guidance

Because several instruction statements based on the drug effect are displayed automatically, you can select from those optimum ones, and you can enter the data and print. It is also possible to register the dispensary individual instruction statement and dose method.

Prescription Input and Simultaneous Medication History Verification

By entering a medicine, the prescriptions which included this medicine in the past medication history are displayed instantly, and by entering the second medicine, the prescriptions which included only these two medicines are displayed. If there was the same prescription in the past, the input is completed just by copying. Due to this system, while entering, whether providing new prescription or not can be judged instantly. In addition, it is useful in detecting any writing mistakes in the prescription.

Loving Patient Care is Possible

For example, by searching patients who come at a certain frequency or higher and patients who have not come recently on the contrary, or, searching patients whose birthdays are in this month, it is possible to send direct mail to them as well. In addition, because the patient is managed at the family unit, you can detect allergic diathesis and the like of the family as well. It is true that ta good caring dispensary is praised by patients.

Digital Input which does not Discontinue Prescription Input Job

The drug information which is supplied with CD-ROM can be referred to while operating at any time. When there is a medicine which you would like to know during prescription input, you just push the button to select that on the input screen, then you can refer to digital input instantly. On purpose, it is not necessary to inspect the book to install the special machine, the most realistic digital input can still be utilized. (Option and the next few days delivery)

Display Drug Effect and Standard Dosage

We have a master which includes totally approximately 15000 medicines in the catalogue, and the drug effect of all medicines can be displayed at any time. Again, if the user sets the standard dosage, we can refer at any time.

Flexible Prescription Pre-setting Register Function

Even in the middle of prescription input and patient registration, the pre-setting register can be done without discontinuing the job.

Deploying a Master of All Medicines (Approximately 15000 Types)

Because the original medical fees of all medicines are loaded, it is not necessary to be flurried to register the medicine before the patient.

Windows is Adopted, and Technological Progress can be Taken in in the Future

You can Use on the Basis of Intuition

Because the user interface uses multiwindow and the mouse as the base, it is possible to handle real business from the second day with practice for the first time. In addition, there is many a thing which the usage of rarely used functions is forgotten, but when you must use them urgently without looking at the manual, you can use then with intuition.

You can Use Other Software at the Same Time

Even during prescription printing, it is possible to do window business in parallel. Furthermore, though a patient comes when the word processor, the financial accounting software and the personal computer communication, etc. are being used, without discontinuing them, DoctorSoft is used, and even discontinuing them, after it ends, you can return to the original business instantly and reopen from the place where they discontinued.

Data can be Transferred to Other Software

All of the data retained in DoctorSoft can be transferred to word processor, spreadsheet software, database software, etc. Because of this, individual patient management and automatic preparation of direct mail can be done.

Due to LAN, the Expansibility is not Wasted

At the beginning, when the number of patients increases, the number of small-sized notebooks increases with LAN. While the used equipment is utilized in that way as the amount of business increases, the power in turn can be raised. Because a dedicated server is unncessary, the counter capability reaches 2 times with only 2 PC. By building more with the completely identical operation, the data accumulated by software can also be moved in that way.

If you connect the counter and the preparation room with LAN, it is used in parallel simultaneously with efficiency.

Using general-purpose hardware and basic software

You can already use a PC with DoctorSoft. (There are times when necessary PC and the part addition which you cannot use. Please enquire the details with Yui Software Limited.)

The Practical Function which Supports Dispensary Management Realistically

Complete Inventory Asset Management

Able to manage 5000 kinds of medicines at the packaging unit, because purchase price at each time is stored, inventory amount calculation during account balancing only lowering at the shelf is automatically calculated completely. Because inventory of the packaging unit is also linked and decreased with prescription, the only necessary input work for inventory management is the warehousing input.

It can Manage Proper Inventory and Order Quantity Automatically

Because not only the amount of medicine used can be shown as graph by day, and consumption in a year or above ago is found, it can grasp the proper inventory quantity and the order quantity precisely. If the ordering point is indicated, it calculates the order quantity automatically, furthermore, by specifying the order unit (for example, a minimum of 4 bottles and the like), it calculates and closes automatically, then it produces the order sheet in the wholesale trade which was set beforehand. With DoctorSoft, you can order with direct fax. In addition, when there is a box of 6 bottles, it counts each of the box and bottles as inventory individually, when there is no stock of bottles, it takes and destroys the stock of the box automatically and increases 6 in the stock of the bottles.

Prevention of Defective Stock of Medicine

In addition to past consumption calculation, from the function which checks the expiry date of the stock of medicine, loss of the expiry date is prevented. In addition, listing to the doctor who prescribes a certain medicine, with the transfer of doctors and the like, the medicines which become bad can be deteced beforehand. In the same way, it can also detect the medicine which the specific patient has just used.

Flexible Range of Management Control Data

It has the accounting table which is necessary for management of daily trial balance, monthly trial balance, accounts receivable table, etc. Furthermore when the special accounting table is necessary, it responds to special order. The contents are free, but it is restricted in the style, please consult the person-in-charge of DoctorSoft.

Until Paper Reaches, Detailed Cost Follows

Because you can use the prescription paper of medical association standard, by comparing with the case where the dedicated paper of the medical invoice computer is used, it can save consumption expense half or less (3 corporation ratios). In addition, the medicine history book prints the framework and contents simultaneously on the blank paper, the special paper becomes unnecessary and cost becomes low. Furthermore, if it does not print prescription repeatedly and there is a margin in the page being appended automatically, the economical space is also the preservation of file.

DoctorSoft Offers the Integration which Includes Equipment, Software, Medicines and Services

Feeling Relieved, Entrusted Support

After-sales services such as equipment purchase, early introduction, training, enquiries on everyday business, legal amendment, medical fee amendment, breakdown of the machine, consultation of expansion and so on are supported consistently by the original distributor of Yui Software Limited.

The Transmitter Function where Necessary Information Gets Together in Labour Assistant

Not only it can transmit via direct fax from personal computer, personal computer communication is possible. For example, the online prescription plug data communication of the hospital, the inventory of medicine storing center you inquire, order to wholesale trade and the like, possibility spreads.

Adopting the Desire of the Pharmacist, it is the System which can Develop

It keeps developing one after another, e.g., you can connect with the automatic packaging machine, actualizing the complete automation from prescription input to packaging. DoctorSoft is not the design philosophy which limits the use like medical invoice computer, it does not process all raw information which relates to the patient and medical care, it does not limit use, because it retains ways, meaning that in the future it just adds the program and free development is possible.

"DoctorSoft" is the registered trademark which Yui Consulting (Inc.) has the right of use.

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