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The Electronic Patient's Record with the Feeling of Writing with a Pen Fuses with the Medical Invoice Computer

Enter the Electronic Patient's Record in that Way

When medical behavior is entered in that way, the accounting calculation which DoctorSoft converts to the world of claim automatically, including rounding and addition is done. When a doctor fills in the patient's record and makes entry of the screen, keeping diagnosis and treatment record and claim calculation can be done simultaneously.

Data is Safely, Permanently Retained and Thoroughly Reused

Entering to DoctorSoft for only once, the data is reused in all operations such as medical invoice issue, prescription issue, patient management, patient search, stock management and ordering. Because of this, not only the man-hour of data entry which occupies a big part of office work can be allocated to a minimum, the squander of the storage with repetitive storage and the mistake in re-entry can be decreased to the utmost. Furthermore, the diagnosis and treatment data of the patient is retained permanently. Because DB also has replication function, the medical data which covers long term can be kept quite safely.

The Flexibility which is Similar to the Paper Patient's Record

Pictures can be drawn with a pen freely. It is not necessary to use drawing software separately, you can draw in the optional position of the whole surface of the screen of the patient's record. In regard to the medicine prescription, you can write. Pictures, sounds and videos that are put on the patient's record can also be retained. Not only the things done with the paper patient's record can be done, it has "softness" above that. (Without using the pen, it is also possible to operate with the mouse)

High-speed Input Utilizing the Diagnosis and Treatment Template

With a template, each doctor can register the procedures of observation and judgement individually. When examining by using tht template, rather than writing on paper, entering at a high speed becomes possible. Furthermore, because the registered template is a text file in XML type which can also be taken and read outside, exchange with the other doctors is also possible.

First Entering into DoctorSoft, Afterwards Postscript Printing of the Patient's Record

The contents in the patient's record which are entered into DoctorSoft can be printed on the paper patient's record. Furthermore, like the entry of a deposit book, because it automatically appends printing from the position where it was printed last time, the blank part is not wasted. Because it can re-print the full page of a certain patient and also the optional page, it can manage and retain the patient's record which covers long term efficiently in compact. In addition, because it can keep the past record of correction of data and deletion of history entirely, alteration check can be done.

Intuitively High-speed Input Operation

All patient's record inputs can be done by selecting from the menu. In addition, medicines, etc. can be searched by the words in the medincine names in the screen of the patient's record. Because there is no tactic knowledge in operating, it is not necessary to have special training and you can start using DoctorSoft. In addition, from the optional diagnosis and treatment day, in case of DO input, set input, input by selecting the items from the set, etc., and input method to various scenes which is not prepared, it has the kind of flexibility which adds input by DO and set or corrects a part. (Dedicated code input system for clerks is prepared.)

DoctorSoft Supports Medical Care and Management

Adopting a Standard in the Master which Becomes the Basis of the Diagnosis and Treatment Data

Medicine, procedure, inspection and name of a disease have all the case masters of all prescription computerized correspondences. Name of a disease is adopted in "The Standard Sickness and Wound Name Collection of Classified by Diagnosis and Treatment Course" supervised by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Japanese medical meeting, compatibile with ICD10. These masters are necessary when the meaning of the statistics of sickness and wound is taken. In addition, classification of name of a disease is displayed as a tree of its mechanism.

Export or Import of Patient's Record Information

Information of diagnosis and treatment of the patient who is recorded in the patient's record, the text file of XML type can be imported or exported. In addition, there is a function that allows you to refer to the information of a patient's record through the web server. If there is only an equipment that allows you to refer to homepage through the Internet, because it can refer to information of the patient's record from remote place without using the other special devices, although being pointed out necessity, it can quite actualize the joint ownership of illness cooperation and the regional patient data which it cannot actualize easily realistically low at cost. In communication the code which is recognized socially can be used, we also offer IC card and the expedient of this human certification by handwritten sign, various considerations have been done for security.

The Mini-ordering System which Wait State of the Patient in the Consultation Room is Known

All workstations can refer to the hospital visiting status, waiting status, order status, operation status and appointment status of a patient. The doctor, while staying in the consultation room, can wait and monitor the statuses in the patient's record of a waiting patient through PC. In addition, because the indication from staff in the consultation room can be removed, without waiting for medical examination, without waiting for the paper patient's record is carred to labour assistant, indication such as inspection can be made. Furthermore, as it utilizes little time, the patient's record of the reserved patient can be referred in advance on the screen. It makes the flow of business inside the hospital smooth and it is useful in improving intellectual productivity.

Automatic Check of Medicine Interaction and Contraindication Items, etc.

It can check interation of medicines and contraindication items of optional combinations of sickness, age, procedure, pregnancy, etc. automatically. Users can check rule easily. At the time of patient's record input, collecting before the method and the prescription printing which are checked in real time the method of checking is prepared, check and prescription name of a disease when medicating and so on leaks and can utilize widely. (Rule DB of medicine interaction offers as option. As for check rule of applied name of a disease of medicine procedure, it is done to sell as one for DRS from Tokyo Artificial Intelligence System http://www.tais.co.jp.)

In what Kind of Case One Patient One Register and it is Natural, but....

When a single patient receiving multiple diagnosis and treatment courses at one hospital seeks diagnosis, or, using multiple insurance which includes public funds and appeals, it handles the register of the patient as a single. Because of this, from the viewpoint of medical care integrity of patient management is guaranteed, repeated dosage of a medicine and the like can be checked completely.

In addition: Family Management, Stock Management of Patient's Record Linkage, Inspection Result Preservation, Medicine Information DB, General-purpose Accounting Table

Because the patient collects at the family unit, the sickness of the family, receiving diagnosis day, diagnosis and treatment contents of a certain patient can be verified quickly. Stock management of the medicine can be linked with prescription. Because prescription can be converted at the packaging unit automatically, stock can be managed at the packing unit in every warehousing lot, it can also check the expiry date. Inspection result can be retained and converted to graph with Excel. There is a "General-purpose Accounting Table System" which allows you to freely design a summary sheet of business management and patient management. With the sampling condition, vertical axis, horizontal shaft and totaling target for users appointing respectively, the accounting table of 1400 types or more can be made.

The Medical Function which not only Considers the Operating Efficiency of Doctors but the Medical Clerk Fully

Dedicated Screen for Clerks, Complete Code Input and One-touch Patient Provisional Registration and so on with Congestion Avoidance

The electronic patient's record is suitable for doctors to enter directly, but it is not fit for every clerk. DoctorSoft has a clerk dedicated input screen for large quantity of high-speed input and a code input system similar to medical invoice computer. This is a design which considers not only the doctors but also everyone who has taken charge of the office work.

You can Enter, Correct or Calculate on the Calendar Display in that Way

(This has to be revised.) In regard to the calendar the line of enforcement day is just clicked with the mouse, it can enter by collecting. Furthermore, claim calculation of the prescription of the same month is possible on that. Because as for the calculation result, detail the 侮 ヲ is done day, when, some kind of addition occurs and is high, whether or, hospitalization charge is reduced from sometime, in addition to grasping at the glance, it is also possible to correct directly after the calendar. It is especially convenient with hospitalization, but it can use even with coming from abroad, in check before the prescription issuing/correction tremendous power shows.

To Correspond to All Diagnosis and Treatment Courses and Insurance, Insurance Change is also One-touch

(This has to be revised.) Excluding dentistry, the claim calculation of all diagnosis and treatment courses which include the dispensary and hospitalization is possible, when one patient who receives multiple diagnosis and treatment courses seeks diagnosis, and when the single patient also has multiple insurance and public funds, there is only one patient register. The program calculates the individual payment automatically according to the combination of insurance, the claim distribution does, general vote prints. It corresponds to also labor disaster insurance, optional period of claim calculation which exceeds 1 month can be processed in one time. In addition, on the picture to visual it can make also the change of difficult insurance, simple, goes back to the past and when modifying insurance, it calculates the balance of the patient burden charge automatically. Even nursing insurance can be reserved correspondingly in June, 2000.

General Control Function of Calculation

(This has to be revised.) Due to date of calculation object, because that time effective score and calculation method are distinguished automatically, after being legal amendment in April, when recalculate of March and the like even, it is not necessary to be conscious of the time of amendment altogether. For example, when hospitalization claim of period April 10th is done from March 20th, it calculates at one time, but as for 20 - 31 days's amount old law, later the calculation which is based on new law is done.

The General Vote which Corresponds to Entire Country

As for general vote, because it prints with the style which is decided by DoctorSoft on the white paper, it is necessary to transfer by manual operation, but because it can print each insurance and public funds in combination with subtotal and the like, altogether it is not necessary to calculate at human labor. When introducing by setting, it can correspond to all insurance and public funds of entire country. (If the user sets coordinate, it can also print to National Health Insurance general vote directly.)

With Overlay High-speed Prescription Printing

Not using the slow printing method of Windows, by using DoctorSoft exclusive printing driver, it prints the prescription at a mechanical threshold speed oflaser printer. In addition, while doing counter business, prescription can be printed with the same PC. In case of LAN, because simultaneous printing is possible with multiple PCs, it can process many patients at a very short time. (In case of hospitalization, there are times when longer time is required)

With Open System Unlimited Expandability and General Purpose

To the Large-scale Hospital the Expandability which can be Used

It is possible to work with DoctorSoft program on a PC without modifying the respective database server, replacing it with Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, etc. Large hospitals which require a large number of terminals can correspond with DoctorSoft. Actually it operates in general hospitals of 600 beds or more.

The Used Equipment and the Internal Data are the Complete Open System

Because DoctorSoft is built on general-purpose OS like Windows 95/98, Windows NT and Windows 2000 and the AT-compatible machine, you can call it a true open system. You can also use the SQL server on LINUX. As for the data of the patient and the diagnosis and treatment which is accumulated to DoctorSoft, it can be taken out as text files and files of Microsoft Access, the files can be transferd to general-purpose software like Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel, etc. The data can be freely utilized to do hospital individual totaling and analysis.

The Necessary Equipment by DoctorSoft

  • PC: AT-compatible machine, desktop or notebook
  • General Software: Windows NT4.0 and Windows 95/98, or Windows 2000, and remote manipulation software (pcAnywhere)
  • Memory: 64 MB (Windows 95/98), 128 MB (Windows NT4.0, 2000)
  • Hard disk: At least 100 MB capacity
  • CPU: Intel Pentium 100-MHz or faster processor
  • Backup Equipment: Lowest 200 MB such as MO
  • Printer: Laser printer of Canon or EPSON which has the interface of LIPS3 or ESCPage
  • Pen tablet: Wacom PL300, ArtPad
  • LAN: 10BASET or 100BASET
  • Router: MN128-SOHO (NTT)

DoctorSoft Sale and Conservative Method is New

Maintenance and the Legal Amendment by Remote Operation

(This has to be revised.) Installation of DoctorSoft, maintenance support and legal amendment can all be done with remote manipulations. You do not visit in the user site. We cannot do the work where we are not assumed to do on site, for example, the installation and maintenance, wiring, LAN installation, ISDN equipment installation of the hardware and the introduction course etc. at the locale. Therefore, by using DoctorSoft to receive, every user himself, maintaining the minimum concerning hardware, and basic software the fact that you use the company which it receives, or, it executes is prerequisite. Because our company does not do local business trip job, it can offer at very cheap cost. (For concrete contents of equipment which is necessary for the user, please read the last page. When the company which acts for the installation and maintenance of the hardware is necessary, it introduces.)

Minimize of the Down Time with DB Replication

It is possible to make the replica of DB in optional PC which DoctorSoft works. It does not affects the speed of main DB, transaction is reflected with several seconds in the background. Not only crash of the disk, in case of breakdown of server PC and breakdown of the LAN equipment of the server, the time when business is discontinued can be minimized by changing to replica. It can change with remote manipulation as well.

Rental Sale of Software Only, and Internal Data are User's

DoctorSoft is software of rental sale only. If the user uses, the user pays monthly for the rental fee and conservative fee of software, but special cost is not needed at the time of legal amendment and version rise. Furthermore, there is no penalty and users can cancel the use of DoctorSoft at anytime, and there is no fee after that. Therefore, overstraining to the lease time limit, it is possible to change to other software with anytime, without the necessity to continue using. Furthermore, when you discontinue using, we return all information of the patient and diagnosis and treatment which is retained inside to the user as textfiles or files of Dbase3 type with specification.

Knowledge of PC which is Necessary for the User

In order to use DoctorSoft with remote maintenance, there is knowledge necessary for the user to work. Or, the executed dealer and the shop has to provide for the user.

  1. The LAN equipment (the interface card and the hub) purchasing separately from PC can be used after installing and setting.
  2. Separately from PC, you can use the printer after installing and setting.
  3. Modem can be purchased separately from PC and set and used.
  4. Using ISDN or modem, you can connect to internet by yourself, refer to WWW, sending and receiving the electronic mail.

Do's and Don'ts with Remote Maintenance


  1. Renewal of program during legal amendment and master
  2. Cause analysis and coping when DoctorSoft does not work
  3. Version rise of program and master
  4. Issue or renewal of user license
  5. Installation of DoctorSoft set


  1. Installation of Windows
  2. Solution of Windows breakdown
  3. Solution of setting and breakdown of communication
  4. The wiring of LAN and printer
  5. Repair of hardware

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